Workshop on Intelligent Human Augmentation and Virtual Environments (WIHAVE)

This workshop, held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on October 17-19, 2002, focuses on a broad survey of current research in mathematical approaches, algorithmic issues and software design for intelligent human augmentation and virtual environments, and their potential applications to urban warfare. This workshop will provide both formal and informal opportunities for the participants to discuss current activities and developments in these areas, as well as to explore future research directions. This workshop seeks to bring together leading researchers and program directors in various funding agencies to achieve the following goals:

The workshop events will consist of invited presentations given by renowned researchers, panel discussions on government funding programs and DoD research interests, contributed poster presentations and live research demonstrations, and expanded breaks allowing for extensive discussion. For more detail, please refer to the following:

Focused Topics

Your input on critical research issues related to the focused areas is solicited and will be included in the workshop proceedings, which will be distributed to the attendees and several government agencies. Please fill out this questionnaire and send it back to by October 3, 2002. Thank you!