Invited Federal Research Scientists

Dr. Grace Bochenek, Director
Advanced Collaborative Environments Lab
National Automotive Center
Army Tank and Automobile Command (TACOM)

Dr. Joseph Cohn, VIRTE Lead on Requirements and Training for VE
Naval Research Laboratories (NRL)

Dr. Phil Emmermann, Associate Director for Technology
Information Science and Technology Directorate
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Mr. John Grills, Deputy Director of AMC-FAST
US Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDEC)

Dr. Kevin W. Lyons, Program Manager, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Dr. Angus Rupert, Spatial Orientation Systems Department
Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL)

Dr. Paul Tanenbaum, Chief of Engineering Analysis Branch
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Dr. Jim Templeman, VIRTE Leader on Human Computer Interface
Naval Research Laboratories (NRL)