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Instructions for Poster Presenters


An easel and a poster display board (of size: 36" x 48") will be provided to hold each poster. There will also be small tables available with power supplies. You may use one large poster page or smaller pages arranged as desired, though we highly recommend the former to save setup time. It is recommended that you prepare the posters with sufficiently large fonts and figures so that they can be comfortably read at a distance. We encourage the presenters to bring their own laptops to show the video footages or live demo runs. We need to know if you are only planning on doing a poster presentation and/or a live demo, so we can allocate the space accordingly. If you need any special equipment support (such as unusual power supply), please contact us right away.


You are welcome to bring preprints of your work.We recommend 1-page single- or double-sided color handout that highlights the important ideas and/or key contributions of your work, with links to URL location(s) where your publications/demos/etc are available.


You can print your poster yourself and ship it to us if you like. If you do, please send it to us at the following address:

EDGE Workshop Poster Chairs
Department of Computer Science
Campus Box 3175, Sitterson Hall
UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

  • Please paste a LABEL on the poster holder with your name and poster title before you ship.
  • The poster MUST ARRIVE by May 22, 2006.


You are welcome to use any printing service for your posters. For your convenience, we have negotiated discounted prices for poster printing at one of the Kinko's locations nearby the Sitterson Hall. It is located within 5 min of walking distance from the conference location. Below is the contact information and the heavily discounted prices for COLOR poster printing:

FedEx/Kinko's (Store Number: 3002)
114 West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
PHO: (919) 967-0790
FAX: (919) 967-9243
Attn: Crystal

Kinko's Store location on google maps.
Directions from Sitterson Hall, UNC to Kinko's store: google maps, image.
Kinko's is at WALKING DISTANCE from Sitterson Hall.

There are a few options available:

  • High-quality Matte Stock - this gives the best results
  • Indoor Vinyl with Glossy Finish - the only option for glossy look
  • Outdoor Vinyl with Matte Finish - not as good looking as glossy finish
  • Regular Paper - a very cheap option for B/W (with blue prints possible)

We have negotiated the following heavily DISCOUNTED PRICES for the 2006 EDGE Workshop authors/presenters:

Color Printing:

Size Matte Indoor Vinyl Glossy Matte + Mount Indoor Vinyl Glossy + Mount
36"x24" (2'x3')
48"x36" (3'x4')
60"x36" (3'x5')

B/W Printing (with Blue Ink possible): $0.75 per square foot on oversized papers (any size up to 36" x 144" or up to 3' x 12')

We recommend either 3'x4' (or 4'x3') or 2'x3' (or 3'x2'). (The larger size poster of 3'x5' will have 1 extra foot hanging on the bottom, when pinned to our display board. B/W on matte or vinyl stock costs the same as the COLOR on these stocks. You can place your order online by uploading your file (pdf, ppt, doc, etc) at: Select the paper size and set type to be "other". Please specify the exact price for your chosen poster size as listed above. Also, you need to specify **YOUR NAME** to receive the discount. Although Kinko's can probably have a color poster printed in 24 (not mounted) - 48 (mounted) hours, please plan for 72 hours turnaround time. If you have any more question, please call the store directly at the phone number given above. The senior customer consultant is *CRYSTAL*, if you have any special request.

The workshop organizers are NOT responsible for either the printing costs or any unexpected problems in poster printing. We will be happy to pick up all the posters the night before. If you wish us to help doing so, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance when you place the order with Kinko's. But, you must pay for the poster printing in advance, in order for us to pick up your posters for you.


  • The main points of the poster should be easily readable from about three meters away.
  • The poster may also have more dense text, suitable for viewers who come for a closer look, standing perhaps one meter away.
  • Consider also that the material on the poster should be useful for you to illustrate key points when discussing your work individually with attendees during your session.
  • Don't forget to include your name, affiliation, and contact information on the poster.
  • At the poster session, you should have your business card or a leaflet (e.g. 1-page color handout) ready to give to interested people.


Posters Chairs: Vivek Kwatra and Avneesh Sud