Recent Advances in Haptic Rendering & Applications

Topics Covered

This course is designed to cover the psychophysics, design guideline, and fundamental haptic rendering algorithms, e.g. 3 degree-of-freedom (DOF) force-only display, 6-DOF force-and-torque display, or vibrotactile display for wearable haptics, and their applications in virtual prototyping, medical procedures, scientific visualization, 3D modeling & CAD/CAM, digital sculpting and other creative processes. We have assembled an excellent team of researchers and developers from both academia and industry to cover topics on fundamental algorithm design and novel applications.

Fundamentals in Haptic Rendering

  • Haptic Perception & Design Guidelines (Roberta Klatzky)
  • 3-DOF Haptic Rendering Algorithms (Ming Lin)
  • 6-DOF Haptics (Voxel-sampling: Bill McNeely, Multiresolution; Miguel Otaduy; Normal Cones: David Johnson)
  • Haptic Display of Sculptured Models (Elaine Cohen)
  • Texture Rendering (Perceptual parameters: Hong Tan & Force model: Miguel Otaduy)
  • Modeling of Deformable Objects (Dinesh Pai)
  • Wearable Haptics (Hong Tan)
  • Haptic Rendering Toolkits (Federico Barbagli)
  • Applications

  • Virtual Prototyping (Bill McNeely)
  • Medical Applications (Federico Barbagli & Kenneth Salisbury)
  • Scientific Visualization (Russell Taylor)
  • CAD/CAM & Model Design (Elaine Cohen)
  • Haptic Painting & Digital Sculpting (Bill Baxter & Ming Lin)
  • Reality-Based Modeling for Multimodal Display (Dinesh Pai)

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