MPTC: Video Rendering for Virtual Screens using Compressed Textures

(Motion Picture Texture Compression)

Srihari Pratapa

Pavel Krajcevski

Dinesh Manocha

Abstract: We present a new method, Motion Picture Texture Compression (MPTC), to compress a series of video frames into a compressed video-texture format, such that the decoded output can be rendered using commodity texture mapping hardware. Our approach reduces the file size of compressed textures by exploiting redundancies in both the temporal and spatial domains. Furthermore, we ensure that the overall rendering quality of the compressed video-textures is comparable to that of compressed image-textures. At runtime, we render each frame of the video decoded from the MPTC format using texture mapping hardware on GPUs. Overall, MPTC improves the bandwidth from CPU to GPU memory up to 4-6X on a desktop and enables rendering of high-resolution videos (2K or higher) on current Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). We observe 3-4X improvement in rendering speeds for rendering high-resolution videos on desktop. Furthermore, we observe 9-10X improvement in frame rate on mobile platforms using a series of compressed-image textures for rendering high-resolution videos. Comparison figure.