MAPC has been compiled using the g++ compiler, which is freely available for almost all unix platforms. Although our code may work under other compilers, we do not support its use on those compilers.

Obtaining the Code

The following are the major steps to be followed to install MAPC.
  1. Download and compile the LiDIA library, available from the LiDIA home page.
  2. Download and compile LAPACK, available from netlib.
  3. Download the MAPC sources. Click on the appropriate version link. Once these files have been downloaded, they can be uncompressed by issuing the following commands on a unix system:
         gunzip mapc-1.0.tar.gz
         tar xvf mapc-1.0
    This will create a subdirectory, mapc-1.0, in the current directory, which contains all of the source code. See the README file (duplicated here) for instructions on compiling, linking, and testing the MAPC code.