Future Versions

MAPC was developed in order to support ongoing research in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As such, we may occasionally add features to MAPC as they are needed by our work. In addition, we will provide bug fixes as these arise.

Rather than releasing MAPC again separately, we plan to include the updated MAPC routines as a part of the release of ESOLID. Please refer to that web page for future releases and bug fixes.

Among the additional features in the MAPC portion of the next release will be:

These have already been implemented and tested, but are not in the current release. Among the other features that we may be adding are:

Although we do not intend to supply additional features on demand, we are happy to listen to requests or ideas for additional functions that users would like to have provided. Please email any such comments to: geom@cs.unc.edu.