LumosQuad - A Lightning Generator, v0.1

Theodore Kim and Ming Lin,

EXRManip Instructions

The binary download contains an executable EXRManip.exe, that allows you to tune the colors of the final lightning if you don't own Photoshop. The usage of this executable is:

  • EXRManip input.exr output.ppm
Let's edit the image generated from the previous page, spine.exr, by running the command:
  • EXRManip spine.exr spine-final.ppm
This will bring up a (flipped) black and white rendering of the simulation result:

The EXRManip executable takes the following keyboard input:
  • 'R' - increase the red channel
  • 'r' - decrease the red channel
  • 'G' - increase the green channel
  • 'g' - decrease the green channel
  • 'B' - increase the blue channel
  • 'b' - decrease the blue channel
  • 'd' - dump the current result to the PPM file
  • 'q' - quit
For example, increasing the red and green channels will give us yellow lightning:

Pressing 'd' will dump the current image to spine-final.ppm. The image will be right side up, not flipped.

However, it is recommended that you edit the EXR images using Photoshop. EXRManip is provided for people who don't have the cash the shell out, but it is possible to get much better control over the results in Photoshop.

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