ESOLID Sample Output


Following are a few images of output from ESOLID. These are meant to show some of the types of solids that can be handled within ESOLID.

Here are the FIRST pictures of output from ESOLID:

The first primitive, A. All faces are planar:

The second primitive, B. No faces are planar - they are all bilinear, though:

A Minus B:

B Minus A:

A Union B:

A Intersect B:

The union of two cubes, slightly rotated from each other:

A twisted solid minus a cube:

A twisted box minus a sphere:

The same sphere minus the twisted box:

A cylinder minus another, highly elliptical cylinder:

A cylinder joined with another one. The cross section is of radius 1, and they interpenetrate by only 10^-6. The intersection or difference are too small to actually display.

A torus minus a cube, creating a "notched" torus.

A cube minus a rectangular solid. Shows that face loops can be handled.

An ellipsoid minus a rectangular solid.

An ellipsoid minus an elliptical cylinder.

A sphere minus another sphere. Shows that we can handle intersections where only one pair of patches intersects.

A box minus two other boxes. Demonstrates a 2-level operation.

Another 2-level operation. This time an ellipsoid minus a cylinder minus a box.